Staniel…..home of the 007 Thunderball Grotto…and “Pig Beach” aka Big Majors

On our way South we stopped off for a few days near Staniel Cay which is also near where some scenes from the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed. ¬†These were shot at the aptly named “Thunderball Grotto” ……We also hit Big Majors which is the Cay famous for the pigs who live on the island.

This is a shot of Kim which we made for a good friend’s son who needed photos for a project with words or phrases describing him. ¬† We thought it would be fun to add a pig….

Dinghy ride Piggy ??? Mike standing “guard” over the dinghy …..

So cute….






This was an odd one ….I’ve never seen a nurse shark with these kind of markings….