Do you have a problem with birds? Or…. “Am I in a Hitchcock Movie?”

I recently came a cross a product that holds a lot of promise for boats plagued by birds (and their little gifts they leave behind).  Bird-X, a sticky, non drying caulk that can be applied with a standard caulking gun in thin strips to your windex, mast top plate or any other surface where you have the unwelcome visitors..It stays tacky and apparently birds hate that sensation on their feet…This product is available at Home Depot or it retails for around $36.  I suppose the ultimate test will be time, since as it gets coated with dust or other airborne material, will it lose its “tackiness” and become less effective or will the birds making contact with it ablate the surface exposing new sticky material?

I recently applied some to our Windex and I will continue to monitor it but so far, so good.




Bird-X also makes a sonic and a laser repeller but we don’t have either one of those to test…..yet

Happy Sailing…..


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