Bond….James Bond…..

There has been a lot of moving lately and not much reliable wifi, especially during our trip to the Dry Tortugas where there was nothing for five days.  So, there will be a blitz of posts once we get more consistent connectivity.

I thought I’d post this as a little teaser of our lower Keys adventures….can anyone name this Bond movie ? Hint: filmed partially on location in Key West.


Timothy Dalton as James Bind in front of the Bikini Barrelhead Bar
Timothy Dalton as James Bond in front of the Bimini Barrelhead Bar


Me in front of the Bimini Barrelhead Bar
Me as….well….me in front of the Bimini Barrelhead Bar

Sadly, the Bimini Barrelhead is no more and is now the Thai Island Restaurant.  It’s a good place to eat, but hasn’t been in a Bond Movie.  Who knows how long the sign will last now that the business has changed themes.

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  1. Hey Brett, just read all blog posts! I love your salt life! Keep it coming!
    I have to tell you my uncle was a naval captain who ended his carrier on a supply vessel USS Sylvania, but was commander of a squadron that flew off the USS Kitty Hawk back in the Vietnam era. Crazy, huh!

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