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Someone (Jan) suggested writing a list of ten things our friends wouldn’t think were true about living on a sailboat……it was a little difficult because our blog followers cover the spectrum of experience when it comes to sailboats …..but here’s my attempt……

1. The Sailing part is easier than you think (except for raising the mainsail…that sucks)

2. Maintenance is a harder and bigger part than you might think

3. Our boat can store six months of food (plus) and you wouldn’t know it because it doesn’t look cluttered

4. Fresh water can be considered a luxury

5. When anchored out, shore access is easier/more frequent than people think and anchoring out is WAY better than being in a marina.

6. Also, when anchored, If the weather is bad we spend 2-3 days (or more) at a time on the boat…we play a lot of Yahtzee and Farkle (thanks Barb and Doug for that introduction !)

7. You can read 30+ books during six months in the Bahamas during your down time

8. Less than 500 square feet (maybe closer to 400) can be a comfortable living space for two adults plus occasional guests and they won’t kill each other.

9. Official showering is really only necessary once a week or so…..we spend a lot of time in the water and you have to rinse off on the swim platform anyway (Kim’s personal record is ten days before you knew it)

10. The weather runs your life….good, bad or ugly, you check it twice a day at a minimum and it decides when you go, when you stay, and other precautions/preparations you take.

that’s it for this month……hope this one wasn’t too boring…..Jan let me know what you thought……


I’m adding this line because a certain someone gives me grief about never mentioning him…..Gary Lee Peace …..there ….done…ya’ happy now? Hahaha


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I'm the average sailor...converted from a landlubber of course. While I was born with a love of the ocean it has evolved into a love of sailboats and other vessels that ply the open seas and connected waterways. I am probably like most of the people who (hopefully) will read our blog with the exception that we are now doing what we always dreamed of doing and I hope to help others do the same. I am NOT any of the following...a naval architect, a marine surveyor or connected commercially to any builder, distributor or boat sales organization. My opinions are generally my own, although influenced by many years of research.

6 thoughts on “10 things”

  1. I love it, they are all so true !! Doug only likes to play Farkle with friends, I think I’m too competitive. We miss you guys, but love seeing your posts !!

  2. Tks for the tips, this was very straight forward and informative, as one day soon I shall be buying a boat and enjoying the liveaborad live style too, keep up the great postings and have a great day.

    Fair Winds,
    Wayne Simon

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