Just so Jan doesn’t feel bad about her first Conch horn attempt….(VIDEO)



A still shot from the video…..link is below


IMG_0270     <—–click this link to watch the video ! There may have been a few beverages consumed prior to the making of this video…..

Since we had an extra Conch horn lying around, I was convinced to give it a shot with the veterans here at our marina. Not my best work…..we can’t wait to see your video Jan !!

Some Conch related facts…..

The tradition of blowing a conch shell in the Florida Keys began hundreds of years ago. In the 1800s, when the local economy was largely based on salvaging cargoes from ships wrecked on the nearby reef, sailors attracted attention by blowing piercing blasts on the shell.

There is a yearly conch horn blowing contest every March in Key West.

Conch horns are used in religious ceremonies around the world.

Conch horns are also listed by the US Coast Guard as an approved sound making device under the requirements of Rule 33.b and Annex III (C).


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