First Round of Cuba Pics !!!

GRRRRRRRRR !!!!This is Mike your growling tour guide…..

You will see the same 5 or 6 photos of Hemingway with Castro….they get a lot of mileage out of those…..this  was  their  first,  and  last, 30 second meeting.  Hemingway left Cuba, his home for 20+ years and never returned.  Check out that white  knuckle  grip  !!!!


One of the first things  we did was join the “Clùb Nautico Internacíonal Hemingway de Cuba” aka the Hemingway Yacht Club.  It is the one and ONLY Yacht Club in Cuba.  Yacht clubs were deemed to be “elitist” and banned in 1959 after the revolution. Since the Club was allowed to reopen it has been an uphill battle for the Commodore (Juan Escrich, pictured below with some motley crew) to keep the club operating free of interference or complete forced closure.  Membership dues from foreign members help them keep the Cuban nautical tradition alive. The Yacht Club, founded in 1992 after the USSR pulled out of Cuba, (and ending their annual subsidies) gave former Cuban naval officer Escrich a way to keep the nautical dream alive for Cubans. They also host the second oldest fishing tournament in the world!!!


The proud new members…..

American made cars (models prior to the 1959 revolution) are everywhere and generally very well maintained.


Next time ……Havana highlights….




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  1. Brett and Kim: Wanted you to know that I took the liberty of sharing your previous blog post with my weekly ‘cigar lunch’ group. The group has been discussing the problems involved with visiting Cuba, and your article about your experiences was very informative. One of the group recently went to Cuba; a couple more are very interested in going, so your blog was timely. Hope you’re not offended. If you’re unhappy about blog sharing, please let me know. I’ll promise to not do it again.

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